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Mrs. Rose Johnson [Apr. 10th, 2006|04:50 pm]
Guerrilla Spamfighter


From: Rose Johnson (rosejohnson@infobebes.com)


I want to drop you a quick note because I did not hear back from you concerning the information I send to you the other day.Incase you did not receive the letter introducing my intent. I am Mrs rose johnson a Nigeria.I got your contact through my personal research and out of
desperation decided to reach you through this medium. I have USD$20 million
for investement purpose.I want you to receive this fund on my behalf
and invest on a profitable business venture on an agreed terms,If you are
interested please give me your full name and addres,phone and fax number for easy comunication and reply me as soon as possible for more details with this email addres.


If my aversion to a zillion more spams didn't outweigh the need to satisfy my curiosity, I would send a little response like this:

Dear Mrs. Johnson:

Thank you for thinking of me as a possible investor for your $20 million USD. As we do not know each other personally and I can think of no way someone in Nigeria would be able to locate my contact information, I can only assume that we were introduced through my esteemed financial advisor at TD Canada Trust. It is true that I have made sound financial investments in the past in the form of mutual funds and GICs, and have earned about 3% interest per year on my measly contributions, so if this earnings trajectory were to be imposed upon your generous funds, I expect you would gain approximately $0.6 million after one year.

Of course, rich investors such as you won't be satisfied with such a small return, so I suggest something with a higher yield, such as shares in the reformed Enron Corporation. You will remember that they were worth over $101 billion prior to collapsing in 2001, and there is no reason they could not rise to that level of prominence again. After all, Fortune magazine named them American's most innovative company for six years in a row. This investment scheme would naturally come with higher risk, but for someone who is willing to invest a sum of $20 million with an a stranger who is uneducated in all matters related to financial management, the risk is minimal.

I must let you know that I also conducted my personal research out of due diligence and was able to determine that you, Mrs. Rose Johnson, was married to a Mr. Andrew Johnson who worked at the Australian embassy in the Ivory Coast before he suddenly passed away in 2001. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Your marriage of eleven years is an inspiration to me and the fact that you are a born again Christian is a testament to your personal values and ethics. My research on Google also revealed that you are suffering from cancer, so I hope your treatments are progressing well.

Since your contact information is under the name Joy Edozie from a French Yahoo account, I can only assume that you are visiting a friend in France and asked her to type your e-mail while you dictated. After all, that would explain the spelling mistakes, wouldn't it? I feel I must warn you that Ms. Edozie is under investigation for fraud and I implore you to use your personal e-mail address (rosejohnson@infobebes.com) for all activities of a financial nature. As such, I am writing to your personal e-mail address only. If my assumption is incorrect, I am certain your next attempt at personal research will reveal the location of this e-mail.

In closing, I am sure you are aware of all the robots and spiders that harvest contact details. I therefore respectfully decline to provide you with my personal information, which I trust would not be a problem because you would have come across my details during your extensive research.

Yours very sincerely,
My Dear